While your dream home is being built you should start thinking about packing up your things from your old home.  Follow these steps for a stress free move!


1. A Couple Weeks before Moving- start packing up non essential items.  Such as extra dishes that wont be used, linens etc.  Starting early will give you time to go through everything and throw out what you no longer need.

The week Before you move you will want to stop buying food as well.  You wouldn’t want to be moving with lots of perishable foods to lug around.

2. Days Before Moving- Set aside any clothing and food you will need to get you up until your move in date.  Anything else should get all packed up.

Anything you don’t want to bring can get sold or donated, no need to being extra loads with you.

3. The Night Before- Create an ‘ Open Me First’ Box for easy access to things on move in day.  Pack in here things such as phone charges, any mediations etc.

Make sure you are labelling each box with a marker so that you know where to bring the boxes once you are at your new home.

These tips Should help make your move easy breezy.  Packing and Moving doesn’t have to be stressful as long as you have a plan in place.

Have you gathered any packing tips? If so share them with us!!